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Food Embassy is Julia Vysotskaya's project. Located next to the Palm tree arboretum in Moscow State University's Aptekarskiy Ogorod - one of the most picturesque parks in the city -, this new restaurant reflects Julia Vysotskaya's gastronomic philosophy: the use of seasonal products and a fusion of national traditions and international culinary trends.


Designer Maria Zhukova combined three concepts to create the interior of the restaurant: simplicity, comfort and cosy Scandinavian minimalism. Natural materials and light colours dominate the decor on both floors. The majority of furnishings were brought over from France, Holland, Belgium and the US, and the fun paintings of medicinal herbs that line the walls were imported from Florence. The large chandelier hanging in the centre of the first floor was designed by Maria Zhukova in collaboration with talented artists from Moscow and France.


The menu, designed by English chef Daniel Phippard, is comprised of simple and affordable dishes that are big favourites in such gastronomic meccas as New York, London and Hong Kong. 

Food Embassy's main courses are meat and fish based and are cooked in a Josper grill or smoked in the restaurant's smokehouse. New summer menu includes great variety of dishes based on season ingredients. 

You can order your favourite dishes from our restaurant with the use of FOODFOX and DELIVERY CLUB app or site to enjoy beloved food right here and right now.


The Food Embassy cocktail menu deserves a special mention. Bar team love mixology and are not afraid to experiment, so every cocktail on the menu is a work of art both for the eyes and for the palate. All the drinks and cocktails prepared in Food Embassy are made exclusively with natural ingredients: freshly squeezed juices, homemade jams and delicious grenadine, which they make themselves.


Our coffee is yet another reason to visit us. A 100% pure Arabica, brought over from Ethiopia and toasted in Moscow, the coffee served in Food Embassy is exceptional. Every week experts deliver a fresh supply of coffee beans, which range from mild and aromatic to rich and intense mocca. On the first floor, coffee lovers will feel right at home at our coffee bar run by professional baristas who not only know how to prepare a perfect brew, but are also very happy to tell you everything they know about this popular beverage.


The youngest members of the family are also very welcome in our restaurant. We organise various master classes, entertaining programs and events for them. Lego and osibana, culinary and creative activities - the diversity of the content is amazing. Separate cosy kid zone with educational toys and games is arranged at the terrace in fine weather and inside of the restaurant when it's cold or rainy outside.